Chuck-Richards-Bio--270x300With the declining real income in America today the working family’s budget is being strained even further. Many families are often faced with the hard choices between groceries on the dinner table or proper family protection. As more and more companies slash benefits or drop them all together to stay viable, working families find themselves lost in the brave new world of insurance choices. No longer protected by large company HR departments, they must now wade through the offerings of dozens of carriers. Alone in a twisted maze of skinny networks, co-pays, deductibles, coinsurances and exclusions, families often make choices that can leave them owing thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in the event of a serious accident or illness.

Just over twenty years ago, a then-young entrepreneur Chuck Richards from Swartz Creek Michigan, set out to change the way Middle American families purchased, provided, and protected their livelihood.

Based on a deeply rooted belief that families have a right to fair, independent and knowledgeable advice, Chuck began to guide families and small business owners to better and more reliable health coverage and income protection. Since that time Chuck’s dream has grown into AC Financial Group ( ) a company with knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated advisors with its roots here in Michigan and continued growth throughout the Mid-West.

Chuck’s passion for quality and integrity in health and income protection was galvanized in the year 2002 when his infant daughter spent 20 days in intensive care at University of Michigan hospital. This left the Richards’ family facing a $230,000 hospital bill but fortunately for the Richards they had a well-written insurance plan that protected them. Chuck knew that 80% of the other health plans available could have left them owing tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. On the surface, it was very hard for consumers to tell these plans apart and he consistently ran into families that were left in a difficult financial position from choosing one of these health plans. Incidentally, this is why medical bills have now become the leading cause of personal bankruptcy in the U.S.

Chuck’s solution was to create a professional team of licensed, well-trained, knowledgeable benefit advisors and allow them to carry multiple A-rated companies to meet everyone’s needs and budget.

Though the company has grown, it still maintains the values of personalized service and the concerns of every client. In an era where the insurance buyer is left at the mercy of the impersonal world of the Internet, 800-numbers and automated response systems, every Benefit Advisor from AC Financial Group will listen to their needs, and construct a personalized plan that protects their health, life and financial security.